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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feisty Fifth Graders~ Back to the Future!

Fifth graders had the tricky task of bringing an ancient Greek figure into the future!
 Tricky, because their subject still had to look like they were from ancient Greece but be doing something, or be somewhere, in the future.
They had so many great ideas and they were even able to back them up through drawing. We had many professional sports players, mall shoppers and even race car drivers!
I love how Athena is a modern day school teacher; after all, she was the goddess of wisdom!
This guy is enjoying his xbox time....
 ...and this one is killing it on the court!

We had one join a heavy metal band, 
and of course, one doing the "Gangnam Greek Style"!
Fifth graders did a wonderful job with such an open ended idea project. Some chose to keep their drawing black and white due to detail and some used color. In the end, they were required to write a few sentences about their subject. They had to give them a Greek name, tell what year they were from and what they ended up doing in the future.

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