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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fiesty Fifth Graders~ Greek Vases

 Wow. There's a lot to say about these fantastic vases my fifth graders worked on for quite a while. There were times I seriously didn't think we'd make it to the finish line, but we did and I'm super proud of them!
 Some were a bit crooked after drying, but this resourceful fifth grader decided it looked more like a water pitcher so she ditched the second handle.
 I love it.
 Some were worried about their vase being lopsided or lumpy and bumpy but I reminded them the vase was to be a couple thousand year old replica so it was all good!
 It was a mess let me tell ya. To paper mache and clean up in 50 minutes was a race....

 ..and when one class didn't finish and the room temp overnight caused several balloons to deflate many had to start over.
 But we did it!

 Now Mrs. Cline is searching for even more paper mache ideas, so bring on the gloopy glop!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Krazy Kinders~ Christmas Tree

Kindergartners used their cutting skills to cut various stars. There were stars with 5 points and stars with 8 points!
 Then we decorated them and with the help of a few fifth graders and second graders created a beautiful Christmas tree in the hall.
Happy Holidays Students and families at Eagle View Elementary!

Fantastic First Graders~ Ancient Greek Columns

 First Graders studied the different types of columns and looked at pictures of the Parthenon!
 They found that there are many buildings today that have columns and some students even found them at their house!
 We also learned about mosaic art and how some columns were not only functional but also decorative works of art...
...like these!