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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thrilling Third Graders~ Abstract Paper Towel Print

Third grade was due to paint, and I mean due. We had drawn, we had "collaged" and then we'd drawn some more. So it was time.

And paint, we did.
First, we painted paper towels. Go here to see how!

Then, we cut'em apart and chose just the right background paper to make the color pop!

Next, we glued them in an interesting way. Some were very particular and spent several minutes turning and overlapping. By the way, I was going to crop this photo a little more but decided the jersey had to stay.
Just look at those colors; paper towels never looked so awesome.
This one wanted the camo look when he chose his colors. Turned out perfect!
They wanted paint.....they got it.
Paint with foam rollers, rubber rollers and toothbrushes.
All colors offered, even the coveted expensive metallics.
(Mrs.Cline is stingy with those)
The results?
Here are the close ups..
And the best part? Those waiting to paint, got to draw some more.

We tried to keep it abstract to go along with the paintings. These kids amaze me I tell ya, they deliver every time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spectacular Second Grader~ There's a hole in my project!

Second graders got a thrill out of using the hole punch, can ya tell? We started out with the concept of doing a collage that was in the abstract style..
then we cut, and then we punched.....

.....and then we cut and punched a little more......

.....and then we glued.

They think they turned out pretty good. I think they turned out fabulous!