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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"All Art Requires Courage"- Anne Tucker


This activity was originally part of a third grade project, but I've had a lot of requests on how to do it at home. Look out moms and dads it's a messy one!

* white absorbant paper towels (not the select-a-size type)

* plastic table cover

* old newspaper

* rolling pin

* tempera paint- 3 colors at least (poured into cups/bowls for dipping and watered down a bit)


Place plastic table cover on surface

Fold paper towel in half to make a rectangle, and in half again to make a square. Repeat both steps again- you will have a very small square!

Fold square corner to corner (it will resemble a taco shell!) Flatten triangle between your hands to make it as thin as possible.

Dip each of the three triangle point into a different color.

HINT: squish the triangle point into the cup to allow for enough paint to soak- BUT- do not leave it in too long for it will absorb too much!

Place the dipped triangle on to thick newspaper and place more newspaper on top to cover.

Roll over the hidden triangle with the rolling pin (up & down and side to side)

Pull out your triangle, gently unfold and be amazed at the beauty!!!!!

No two will be alike, just like a snowflake!

Leave a comment if you've tried this at home!

Contact me with any questions- HAVE FUN!