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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fantastic First Graders~ Shiny Collage

 First graders love glitter. If you could fill a tub with glitter, they'd bathe in it. So this year's collage idea was to make sure I satisfied their affinity for all things "shiny".
First we painted on some colored tissue paper onto aluminum foil.

Did ya know that one side of aluminum foil is shinier than the other? Well, it is.

Then we let the glitter fly!
After drying, they were to cut their shiny tissue/foil into interesting shapes. Strips were very popular. I marveled at how long it took some of them to choose how to glue their shapes on- about as long as it took them to choose a background color to glue them to! Color choosing is serious business for a first grader.

End results? Very shiny indeed.

Some chose various sizes, shapes and colors of sequins to glue on, along with some shiny ribbon.

I think we're good on the shiny for a while now.
At least until second grade!