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Monday, January 18, 2010

Feisty Fifth Graders~ Four Seasons Tree Collage

In fifth grade I prefer ideas that take a little longer, projects that force us to slow down and pay attention to the details. So....... I came up with the idea to focus on the four seasons and everything that you might see in each of those seasons- just perfect for collage! The kids are just about finished with these so unfortunately I don't have pics to show the early process but the end results were just spectacular so we'll just skip to those.

Feast your eyes on these finished pieces!
  A close up 
I pretty much cleaned out the closets and drawers in the art room to provide as much collage embellishment as possible for them to select from. Some even brought in things from home. The only rule was that the seasons had to be in order - which prompted a quick review...for me that is. I mean, after moving to Minnesota from Maryland I forgot their was a fall and wasn't sure if there would be a spring. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed!

The kids did an amazing job on these. We've worked on them for five consecutive classes so patience was a must. I was impressed.

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