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Monday, January 25, 2010

Amazing Camouflage Artists!

These two artists attempt the almost impossible- a visual deception created through camouflage painting techniques. There is no trick photography or photo shopping used to create these illusions- just the artist, paint and a lot of patience!

The first is 35 year old Liu Bolin, a graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. He most often goes by the name- "The Invisible Man".

He's the guy in white, by the way.

It took me a bit longer to find him in the one below here.....wow.

The next artist is Desiree Palmen, a 44 year old Dutch artist. This first one is titled "Desk Deception"
This is "Blending Library".......
...and last, "Flight of Fancy" and "Alley Illusion"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fantastic First Graders~ Shiny Collage

 First graders love glitter. If you could fill a tub with glitter, they'd bathe in it. So this year's collage idea was to make sure I satisfied their affinity for all things "shiny".
First we painted on some colored tissue paper onto aluminum foil.

Did ya know that one side of aluminum foil is shinier than the other? Well, it is.

Then we let the glitter fly!
After drying, they were to cut their shiny tissue/foil into interesting shapes. Strips were very popular. I marveled at how long it took some of them to choose how to glue their shapes on- about as long as it took them to choose a background color to glue them to! Color choosing is serious business for a first grader.

End results? Very shiny indeed.

Some chose various sizes, shapes and colors of sequins to glue on, along with some shiny ribbon.

I think we're good on the shiny for a while now.
At least until second grade!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"All Art Requires Courage"- Anne Tucker


This activity was originally part of a third grade project, but I've had a lot of requests on how to do it at home. Look out moms and dads it's a messy one!

* white absorbant paper towels (not the select-a-size type)

* plastic table cover

* old newspaper

* rolling pin

* tempera paint- 3 colors at least (poured into cups/bowls for dipping and watered down a bit)


Place plastic table cover on surface

Fold paper towel in half to make a rectangle, and in half again to make a square. Repeat both steps again- you will have a very small square!

Fold square corner to corner (it will resemble a taco shell!) Flatten triangle between your hands to make it as thin as possible.

Dip each of the three triangle point into a different color.

HINT: squish the triangle point into the cup to allow for enough paint to soak- BUT- do not leave it in too long for it will absorb too much!

Place the dipped triangle on to thick newspaper and place more newspaper on top to cover.

Roll over the hidden triangle with the rolling pin (up & down and side to side)

Pull out your triangle, gently unfold and be amazed at the beauty!!!!!

No two will be alike, just like a snowflake!

Leave a comment if you've tried this at home!

Contact me with any questions- HAVE FUN!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feisty Fifth Graders~ Four Seasons Tree Collage

In fifth grade I prefer ideas that take a little longer, projects that force us to slow down and pay attention to the details. So....... I came up with the idea to focus on the four seasons and everything that you might see in each of those seasons- just perfect for collage! The kids are just about finished with these so unfortunately I don't have pics to show the early process but the end results were just spectacular so we'll just skip to those.

Feast your eyes on these finished pieces!
  A close up 
I pretty much cleaned out the closets and drawers in the art room to provide as much collage embellishment as possible for them to select from. Some even brought in things from home. The only rule was that the seasons had to be in order - which prompted a quick review...for me that is. I mean, after moving to Minnesota from Maryland I forgot their was a fall and wasn't sure if there would be a spring. I'm keepin' my fingers crossed!

The kids did an amazing job on these. We've worked on them for five consecutive classes so patience was a must. I was impressed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Materials You Can Donate

Parents and kids! I can always use the following items in the art room. Instead of throwing some of this stuff away; send it on in! Be sure to give it a good wash though if needed. I'll never forget trying to find the source of that stinky fish smell in my classroom one day. It was a styrofoam meat tray a well meaning student left in a plastic grocery bag on my back counter that morning.
yogurt, cottage cheese, butter and sour cream containers, lids too!
colorful candy wrappers
toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes
used greeting cards, any holiday!
styrofoam meat trays
plastic milk jugs, gallon or half gallon
9"paper plates
wrapping paper
drawing paper (copy paper, any kind really!)

sharpies (any color!)

Stop back in for updates!!

Meet the Teacher

Hello and welcome to my art room! My name is Stephanie Cline and I have been teaching art here at Eagle View Elementary School in Elko-New Market since September of 2009.

My experience~ I just recently moved from Maryland where I taught elementary art in the Washington County School system for the past 15 years. I have taught in five different elementary schools, a few in the city, a few out in the country and one being a school centered on special education ranging from autistic to severe and profound handicapped students.

A little about me~ Our adventure to Minnesota began with my husband's job relocation with Delta/Northwest. After accepting the art position here at Eagle View in August of 09, we made the 18 hour drive with the 3 kids, the dog and the U-Haul to find temporary housing within just 5 days. After selling our home back east, we have now settled in Dakota County. We have 2 boys and a girl ages 10.5, 14 and 15.5 and made the decision in the fall of 08 to adopt internationally (long before we ever thought we'd be moving to Minnesota!) After receiving a referral for a baby girl from South Korea, we finally got our travel call on July 28th 2010 and flew to Seoul in August to bring her home. It seems like she has been a part of our family forever:) Now, after being on leave for the first half of that year, I am finally back to work in the art room!

I am very excited to be teaching at Eagle View. My first year here has been wonderful getting to know your children. I hope your children have enjoyed coming to the art room and I hope you'll utilize this site to keep up with what your child is doing in art class. Please check in often and feel free to contact me about anything!