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Friday, January 15, 2010

Materials You Can Donate

Parents and kids! I can always use the following items in the art room. Instead of throwing some of this stuff away; send it on in! Be sure to give it a good wash though if needed. I'll never forget trying to find the source of that stinky fish smell in my classroom one day. It was a styrofoam meat tray a well meaning student left in a plastic grocery bag on my back counter that morning.
yogurt, cottage cheese, butter and sour cream containers, lids too!
colorful candy wrappers
toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes
used greeting cards, any holiday!
styrofoam meat trays
plastic milk jugs, gallon or half gallon
9"paper plates
wrapping paper
drawing paper (copy paper, any kind really!)

sharpies (any color!)

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