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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Critique~ The Mona Lisa!

Every school year Kindergarten through Fifth gets to critique at least two artworks. They love the critique process!
1. We LOOK at the artwork
2. We THINK about our opinion of the artwork
3. We TALK about the artwork and share our opinion
4. We DRAW about the artwork

This time I chose The Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo daVinci almost 508 years ago!
The opinion shared by most was that they liked The Mona Lisa, although some did not like her hair, her clothing or the muted colors of the painting. Even though she is known for her smile, we decided it really was not that great of a smile and that we could think of a way to really make her smile!
So, where would YOU take the Mona Lisa to make her smile??
To McDonalds?
To the icecream shoppe?
How about to see a movie?
Or to the beaches of Hawaii?
I love this one, Griffin would like to take her on a date!
And maybe a make-over will do
There were so many great responses so we hung them in the hallway for everyone to see

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