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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm finished Mrs. Cline!

These fabulous stained glass windows were created by fourth grade students who had a bit of extra time on their hands. They can be made with any group of students K-5.
Whenever they were finished early with their art they had the opportunity to work on "the window". It started with an 18x24 piece of white drawing paper that was crumbled entirely into a ball! 
This made hundreds of tiny wrinkle lines that they traced with a black marker to make the "lead" in a stained glass window. After all wrinkles were found and traced the fun began and they were allowed to use any color marker to fill in the shapes that the traced wrinkles made.  
After about four months of working on them here and there they were complete and made a lovely decoration for my art room door.
So fun!

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