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Monday, May 12, 2014

Fantastic First Graders~ Fireflies...

...or are they lightening bugs? Actually they aren't either! First graders learned that due to their "bumpy" antennae and wing shape they are part of the beetle family. But depending on where you grew up you might call them lightening bugs or fireflies! 
Did you know there are over 2000 different species? Here is a time lapsed National Geographic picture of Blue Ghost Fireflies taken in a forest in North Carolina. Spectacular!
First grade practiced drawing their heads, bodies and wings on white boards first. When ready, they chose thier background color and then used oil and chalk pastels to make the grass. 
Oil pastels were then used for the moon and insects. I love how they smudged in just the right places to create moonglow and firefly glow! 
We learned that the females hang out in the bushes and grass and the males are the "flyers" as shown by this first grader below. "The girls are lined up and waiting to find their true love", she said! 
These remind me of looking out my back window in late June and seeing the twinkle of the lightening bugs in my backyard. 
 Let's just look at this picture one more time!
Simply amazing!

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