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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fabulous Fourth Graders~ Value Study & Tree

We always study value in Fourth Grade. Finding an easy enough project where they can showcase their comprehension and skill in mixing the tints and shades is always tough.
I found a sixth grade lesson featuring a tree with a value background and I was hooked. I knew my Eagle View fourth graders could handle it if we just took our time.
And boy, did they pass with flying colors!
 Check out these beauties!

Everyone came up with something totally unique with their color choices and style of trees

The coordinating swirls done with oil pastels in the background turned out so perfect.

I'm so impressed with their color mixing and making sure they had the gradation from light to dark painted correctly.
There were so many favorites I didn't have the wall space to hang them!

This one reminded me of the "Tree of Life" in Animal Kingdom at Disney World!

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