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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabulous Fourth Graders~ Humanimals!

Holy cow, were these a blast to make!

Fourth graders spent quite a bit of time searching through magazines for just the perfect eyes, nose, and mouth belonging to either a human or an animal!

Heads and necks were simple backgrounds such as landscapes or flowers. We tried to avoid words as much as possible.

Ears and appendages were so fun to search for. Many of the kids had so many ideas they cut out they were able to make two Humanimals!

This guy below, by far, was my absolute favorite!

So many made teachers and students laugh like crazy in the hallway:)
In the end, I had the kids write a bio about their Humanimal. They could create a name and write about their age, hobbies, career etc.
This one happened to be a dentist!

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