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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Schoolwide Artist in Residence Program!

Our school was lucky to have an artist in residence program this year! I invited sculptor Susan Warner to come and work with myself and Eagle View students to create some amazing pieces!  
Check these out! The pictures speak for themselves! 
Fourth graders and Fifth graders made boxes with lids.
(love the pink tongue!)
Third graders created any animal they chose. 

Mother and pup! 

Amazing detail with the glaze! 

Beautiful turn out with the glazed star! 

First and Second graders made turtles 

"X" Box 
 Calico with green eyes, one of my favorites!

Kindergartners made a bird in a nest with eggs.
Love this calico cat on a box!

Lovely texture on these turtles!

Check out the layered glaze work on this handle by a fourth grader!
More great fur/texture!

Incredible colors, wow!

Third graders had crazy imaginations!

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