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Friday, January 30, 2015

Krazy Kinders~ Winter Trains

Prior to break, Kindergartners studied pictures of old fashioned steam engines!
We practiced seven different kinds of train cars on our white boards using all the shapes we already knew how to draw!
Later, we designed our own steam engine using our favorite cars only so each drawing was quite unique!
However, I believe their favorite part was using a toothbrush to spray the snow. Some even created a blizzard!

Spectacular Second Graders~ Kandinsky Planets!

Second graders also studied the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky. We learned that Kandinsky was born with an extra special "sixth sense" named Synesthesia, a rare but real neurological phenomenon that let him hear colors!
Because of that, both music and color had a huge impact on his art. He was especially fond of circles and after looking at his paintings we thought they reminded us of planets in our solar system!
{"Unbroken Line" 1923}
First, we created an abstract painting using many colors and painting tools including scrapers and rubber band brushes!
{"Blue Painting Vasily Kandinsky"1866}
Our planets were cut from our Abstract paintings and glued to a background where we added rings, and pastel stars and comets.

The results were amazing!

Krazy Kinders~ Kandinsky Circles

Kindergartners studied the paintings of the famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky!
{Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944}
Kandinsky was especially fond of circles and was known to be one of the founding fathers of Abstract Art.
{"Circles Within a Circle" 1923}

Kindergartners drew, cut and glued different colored circles of their choice to their paper to make a collage.
Next, they printed many round objects such as lids and even a sink drainer to make even more circles! Last, they rolled paint onto bubble wrap and printed that too !
{"Squares with Concentric Circles" 1913}
Beautiful abstract prints inspired by Wassily Kandinsky!

Fabulous Fourth Graders~ Nutcrackers!

Prior to break, fourth graders learned the story of "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky! Nutcracker drawings were practiced on our white boards and then transferred onto paper where they were then painted with watercolor. Unfortunately they were sent home for the holidays before I could get pictures of all of them, but they were beautiful!

Fantastic First Graders~ I Drew a Monster!

First graders created a story illustration based on the book "Jeremy Draws a Monster" by Peter McCarty!
A story about a bossy monster who was very rude, first graders wasted no time drawing their own silly monster.
Construction paper crayons and pastel were used on black paper, they turned out fabulous!

Very colorful, and each has their own unique personality!

Fabulous Fourth Graders~ Portraits & Perspective

Fourth graders practiced perspective by drawing their bedrooms!

I love the details they included.

When rooms were complete they included a small self portrait in color for contrast.


Fantastic First Graders~ Gingerbread House!

Prior to break, first graders built gingerbread houses using collage materials!

I love the giant lollipops in the front yard and colorful trees:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spectacular Second Graders~ Evergreen Branches!

In second grade we studied the colossal sequoias and learned about General Sherman, the largest tree in the world at over 374 t. tall!

Using crayon, tempera paint and oil pastel we created our own wintry sequoia branch

To finish it off we painted with liquid watercolor and before it dried we sprinkled salt over top to create the lovely background designs.