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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Krazy Kinders~ Two Art Show Pieces!

A print using pom poms and sponges for heads and bodies to create some very unique friends!
This kindergartner did such a great job drawing detail. It's so hard to get them to think of extra details to draw but this one rocked it!
A drawing based on the ceramic birds and nests that Kindergartners made. This was actually a drawing made by a student who was finished early. A bird in its nest sledding down a hill! What a great imagination!

Fabulous Fourth Graders~ Onomatopoeia Collage

Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein used onomatopoeia words as art in the 1960's 
Fourth graders here at Eagle View did the same!
They chose a word from a list of over 50 that imitates a sound.
Using various materials they created a Lichtenstein like collage. 
Each one was very unique!

I love how they were able to bring their word to life!

I think Roy would be flattered :)

Spectacular Second Graders~ Sea Turtles & Salt!

 Second graders studied sea turtles. From Loggerheads to Leatherbacks, we learned so much!
Turtle shells, heads and flippers were first drawn on white boards to practice.
The designs and patterns they came up with were amazing!
Turtles were then drawn on paper and colored in with oil pastel. The sea was then painted in with watercolor. Before the paint was dry we sprinkled on the salt!
The students compared the outcome of the dried salt with frosted car windows in the morning!

There were so many beautiful turtles to display!

Krazy Kinders~ Shapes Make Trains!

Kindergartners took shapes they already knew how to draw and created fabulous steam engines!
Love the blended sky and tiny train cars this student drew.
We looked at dozens of pictures of various train cars and talked about what they carry.
Whoops! We forgot the wheels!

Thrilling Third Graders~ Beaded Dolls

 Third grade had loads of fun creating these adorable beaded dolls!
Their uniqueness came from the tough selection process of materials!
They loved sorting through the different sizes, colors and shapes of beads and the different colors of wire and pipe cleaners.
Some even drew a face on each side so the expression was interchangeable. And the best part... they were poseable :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Schoolwide Artist in Residence Program!

Our school was lucky to have an artist in residence program this year! I invited sculptor Susan Warner to come and work with myself and Eagle View students to create some amazing pieces!  
Check these out! The pictures speak for themselves! 
Fourth graders and Fifth graders made boxes with lids.
(love the pink tongue!)
Third graders created any animal they chose. 

Mother and pup! 

Amazing detail with the glaze! 

Beautiful turn out with the glazed star! 

First and Second graders made turtles 

"X" Box 
 Calico with green eyes, one of my favorites!

Kindergartners made a bird in a nest with eggs.
Love this calico cat on a box!

Lovely texture on these turtles!

Check out the layered glaze work on this handle by a fourth grader!
More great fur/texture!

Incredible colors, wow!

Third graders had crazy imaginations!